Thursday, 31 May 2012

Site Cut

Couldnt contain my exitement today, our site cut has begun! The first day of winter and were starting our build! hopefully this sunny weather holds up and we have a slab by the end of next week. a few things Im unsure about with the cut tho, it looks like theyve cut way to deep into the site? I expected there to be a bit of fill as were paying for concrete piers and it looks like theres no fill at all?Im alittle concerned about the cut next to the foot path... going to need retaining walls done before we can put the fence up. not sure why they would cut right up against the footpath like that? Anyway happy to start and cant wait to see our home come to life!


  1. Congratulations. How exciting!

    *fingers crossed* our site cut happens next week :)

  2. fingers crossed for you xxxxxxxxxx
    it feels so real now that the site cut has been done.