Wednesday, 29 February 2012

little bit of an update.

   We have a road! lol, it sounds silly but I dont think ive ever been this exited about the smell of tar!

Our 2nd lot of working drawings have been signed and sent off for developer aproval and energy rating. so hopefully we will be signing contracts in a couple of weeks. xxxxx fingers crossed.xxxxxx
I am really happy with the admin side of things, Ive heard that burbank is slow through admin, but, in our case it has been steady and productive.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

color appointment......on a budget

How exiting! color appointment today. I was concerned from what I have read online that my cat1 and cat2 choices would be limited and Id walk out dissapointed, but this was not the case! we stuck to our budget and got everything we loved, of course there would have been lots more to choose from if we had money to burn. But over all a fantastic experience and a great out come. The girls at Burbank are happy knowledgable and helpful, I wish I could get service with people like that everyday!

so heres our choices-
Exterior colors:

                                                           BRICKS:  boral mist cat6
                                               FEATURE BRICKS:  boral domino cat7
                                                             MORTAR:  natural
                                                           CLADDING:  surfmist
                                                    ROOF:  bristile sanctuary cat1
                                                    GUTTER/FASCIA:  monument
                                                         DOWNPIPES:  surfmist
                                                      GARAGE:  slimline surfmist
                                                     WINDOWS:  pearlwhite gloss
                                    ENTRY DOOR:  windsor clear glazed w/ satin black stain
                                                               EAVES:  white
                                                           CONCRETE:  black

                                                                  Total: $2420

I know everyone may think its a bit over the top to spend money upgrading bricks etc. but I judge a house by what it looks like from the street, so for us, we spent the bulk of our budget on the front of the house.
Interior colors:
                                           CEILINGS: burbank white (upgrade)
                                                       WALLS: colonial
                                             CARPET: aged driftwood cat1
                                                 BLINDS: holland pumice

(sorry bout the happy snap but in the left bottom corner is the white gloss tile and its a better picture of the floor tile.) 

                                                               WALL TILES:
                 kitchen, bathroom ensuite laundry all cat1 white gloss 300x200 horizontal stack
                                                    KITCHEN SPLASHBACK:  antartica
               (unfortunatley they wanted an extra $900 to extend the splash across the wall
                              so we had to opt for white tiles next to the splash.)
                                                               FLOOR TILES:
               chicago gunmetal 400x400 cat1  (they look darker in the photo, theyre a light grey)
                                                  BATHROOM and ENSUITE VANITY:
                                    white lace cat1 benches and pewter oak cat2 cabinets
                                                           LAUNDRY CABINET:
                                          white lace benches and astral bitumen cat1
                                                       KITCHEN CABINETS:
                                                        urban bamboo cat2
                                                    STONE BENCHTOPS: polar

                                                                 Total: $550

The other things we included at a cost were-
privacy locks to wc and ensuite $50
Translucent windows to bathroom, ensuite and wc $660!!! I couldnt skimp on this as I am paranoid someone is watching me on the loo or in the tub. lol.
we also upgraded our fibre optic package which was an extra $1000.

So my tip to anyone going to their color appointment- if you cant afford to upgrade something dont look at the choices, we didnt look at anything else exept the standard appliances tapwear etc so we wernt tempted to spend $$$$$$$.
It took us 2 and a half hours to get through color selections and electrical and we did our homework on colors etc before we went in.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Its all a waiting game.

its starting to take a toll on my sanity, all this waiting is driving me to stalk everyones houses in the Geelong area. Ive been driving around our estate everyday to see if theres any progress!My husband recived a phone call from edge last night, they wanted us to go in next week to choose our colors!
Then my darling told me he said NO!
Im going to spend my day on the phone frantically trying to get our time next week back.
wish me luck!.................

yay!!!!!! We have our color appointment booked in for next Wednesday! 15/02/2012.