Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Admin nears the end

Little update-
Settlement is going through Thursday :z:
We had to pay $600 in penalties ::crying:: so unfair. Ill know for next time to get finance myself and not rely on a broker.
Burbank has advised us that our contract is ready to be signed so well go in next week to do that. ::party::
Cant believe that the admin process is comming to an end.... we finally are going to see our home come to life! :z:
Go Away RAIN

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

waiting on settlement

Land settlement was schedualed for the 16th of April..... unfortunatly because of our late finance application we are now paying intres penalties until our finance comes through.
Note to self-
finance contracts only last so long before they expire!
we didnt realise this, and the bank we had our loan with didnt tell us either!we just assumed we had a land loan and it would all go through at settlement. luckly for us, our conveyoncer brought it up so we frantically started getting finance again....with a different bank!
on the positive side things are moving along nicely through the admin side with burbank. we have just recived notice that our engieniring is complete and our site supervisor has been down to our block to check off everything.
hopefully the wait wont be too much longer.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Soil test complete

Just a little update:Soil tests done and only $7600! :z: :z: I expected it to be a little more than that. our block has a 1500 fall according to the reports.
Initial write up has been signed and returned and I am happy that I came in about 3k under what I expected ::smile:: , fire BAL 12.5 was only an extra $4500. (still a big waste of money I think!) couldve got a nice new tv for the theater room with that.
Had my mortgage broker ring Burbank last week to see how long till contracts? hopefully a gentle push will move things along :B
I know im always exited, but I really really am now! titles are due on the 11th of April wont be too much longer and we mite start seeing some action on the block! =P~
and heres a piccy of our patch all done.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 699)Image