Tuesday, 17 January 2012

our house design

after lots of disscussion and 3 different builders we decided on Burbank's SOHO2400. Its double frontage suited our 18.65m block width.

we made only a few changes to the original plan. A walk in pantry for me and roller door and window at the rear of the garage to keep hubby happy!

our block

we found our block at the start of 2011 in Estuary Leopold. It is the perfect spot for us to raise our young family. Close to schools, shops, parks and recreational reserves. We put our deposit down 2 weeks later,a little bit impulsive as we already have a great house but we just couldnt help ourselves!

Land was supposed to be titled in deacember 2011, but as it usually goes there have been some delays and now were looking at settlement in March.

we have gutters! 17/01/2012. hubbys worried cause we dont have a crossover like everyone else!
hes measuring to see where its supposed to be?

our block takes up most of our side of the street

today 8/2/2012 we finally heard back from our land developer.Our crossover will be put in before title, so no more delays for us. Footpaths went in last week shouldnt be too long now before the roads get done. xxxxxxxx crossing my fingers.xxxxxxxxxxxx
just some more boring photos of our block

and some more.......

unfortunetly for us the parkland beside our block has been bordered with an ugly footpath, so my dream of having our study and bedroom overlooking the park will now have a view of walkers by.
I guess that what you get when you by land thats not developed yet.