Thursday, 5 July 2012

wrapped and plaster

went for my daily drive to the house today, fingers and toes crossed that they had wrapped the house ready for bricking. I was starting to think theyd forgoten about us.
my darling daughter was in the back of the car telling me how it was ok theres no bricks and theyre just doing everyone elses first.(shes 5) thanks for trying to cheer me up charlie girl! =D
then in the distance GREEN!!!! weve been wrapped, closer to the house and I notice 2 utes.... Theyre doing our plaster! OMG!!!!! our bricks havnt started yet but they are continuing on with the inside of the house. Im soo happy!
looks like our SS was planing on us being locked up today, dont know what happened to the brickies but who cares! cant wait to go for a look around later when theres no one there.

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